I would like to share my personal experience with online dating

Back then, I have heard many time horror stories in regards to online dating. I don’t feel comfortable when people share this experiences but little did I know, It will happen to me. My name is Gelli, 30 years of age, single and financially stable and working for says Hendon Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/hendon-escorts. I know, I’m ready to have a family but don’t see a potential lover. When I was still a child, I love watching fairy tales and makes me believe that one day I can meet my prince charming. I do think that God reserved us one person to complete our life. My friends already got married and found there happy ending. I’m just here sitting and watching love story on youtube. Do you ever experience that something has popped up in your mind? Well, I say yes. It was 13th of June in 2005 when I’ve tried to sign up for online dating apps. I don’t have any plans to find my prince charming through online, and I did it for fun. I was so busy, so I barely open my account, when I log in messages popped up with one person. I open the message, and it says “Hi Gelli, what’s up?” and followed by good morning and goodnight messages. He is consistent in sending me those without being replied. I went to his profile, and he was looking good. His eyes are green and a firm body. The thought that comes to my mind is he might be a playboy because of his charming looks. I still respond to his message, and he quickly replied. Anyway, his name is George, 33 years old, lives in Italy and single until now. He haven’t married nor child. I don’t know, but I enjoy exchanging messages with him which is God way also. We have been friends for two years, and our treatment was until that. He never fails to make me laugh and greet during birthdays and holidays. I have introduced him to my family as well as I am to his. We made a bond over-time. He became my long distance shoulder to cry on, and he was always there to remind me the other side of the world. His my wonder man, he sends presence during my achievements and birthdays. Years past, I never thought that I would fall in love with a man from dating sites. Never in my dream to get attached someone away from me but I think he was my prince charming. It was my 32nd birthday, and I feel sad because it’s the first time he never greeted me. To my surprise, he came over to our house with lots of flowers and kneeled to me and said: “Will you be my princess?” And I said “YES.” Today is our 8th years anniversary, spending time at our little castle in Italy. We already have two children and live happily ever after.

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